“For many years I have wanted to put soul and awareness into fun fashion. This has led to the creation of the Aura Rose brand.

I am fully committed to making the best possible products that will make you feel genuinely good about what you are buying.

In choosing where Aura Rose products are manufactured, I have only selected companies with the highest ethical standards that really take care of their staff and families.

As Aura Rose grows, my goal is to find villages or communities around the world and Australia that I can support by buying their products. In this way, proceeds of the sale of Aura Rose products will go back to each community.

I want to take you, my customer, on a global journey of fashion accessory discovery using 100% ethically sourced products.

Aura Rose products won’t be for everyone. If you share my commitment to mindful shopping, fairness, respect and conscious awareness, I have created my label for you.

I want every Aura Rose product to not only match your style but match your social values.”

Nikki Rose, Aura Rose founder